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Little girl loses her mind over cotton candy at baseball game
Little Girl Devouring Cotton Candy Is The Cutest Thing Youll See All Day

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Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Landing Funny Announcements With Looney Tunes
Zach Haumesser impersonated nearly a dozen characters from the classic Warner Bros. cartoon series Looney Tunes

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Guy Flawlessly Films Fight While Calmly Ordering Taco Bell
a man films a fight outside of a taco bell with his cell pne while simultaneously giving his order in the drive thru.

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Makeup Artist Transforms Little Boy Into Drake For Epic Music Video
A makeup artist transforms a 5-year-old into Drake; freaks everyone out.

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Middle Schooler Is Going Crazy Viral After Giving Graduation Speech Impersonating The Presidential Candidates
An 8th graders hilarious speech doing impressions of the 2016 presidential candidates goes viral.

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This Guy Was Only Worried About His Hot Pocket When A Shooting Broke Out
Watch a young guy hilariously talk about dropping his Hot Pocket snack after a shooting breaks out outside of his home.

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The ‘Sesame Street’ Cast Is Lit AF Performing Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s ‘Tha Crossroads’
The cast of Sesame Street performs the Bone Thugs-n-Harmony classic, Tha Crossroads.

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Who Farted On Live TV During The Steelers-Broncos Game?
A funny fart noise is made during a live broadcast of the Steelers and Broncos recent NFL playoff game.

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Kevin Hart Almost 'Busts His A*s' While Running In The Icy Streets Of Canada
kevin hart nearly takes a spill while slipping his way through a jog in the saskatoon ice and snow.

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Waka Flocka Becomes A Weatherman On The Local News [Video]
Rapper Waka Flocka delivers a weather report on the local news in South Carolina.

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Kansas City Royals Santa Drops F-Bomb On Live TV–Obviously Too Drunk To Drive Sleigh Home
a drunk costumed santa accidentally says the f-word while being interviewed on live television.

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Ariana Grande Accidentally Posts Video Of Her Kissing Another Actress
ariana grande pop kisses liz gillies and the srt video trends online.

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Extreme Phone Pinching Is A Thing And It Will Make You Cringe (Video)
A new vine craze called 'Extreme Phone Pinching' makes smartphone lovers around the world nervous.

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Woman Hilariously Thinks Her Hands Are Pac-Man After Surgery (Video)
a woman gives an emotional pac-man impression with her hands while still highly medicated from surgery.

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Fan Blows Kiss to Rays' Chris Archer; He Catches It, Throws It Away
A baseball fan blows a kiss to Tampa Bay Ray's player Chris Archer, who promptly rejects the kiss by 'throwing it away'.

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