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Watch a Mississippi State player demolish a scared pancake mascot
A pancake mascot is knocked over in a recent college dunk contest.

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A hoops player got posterized, then had to give his opponent a piggyback ride
A basketball player dunks over a defender, then lands on the embarrassed defender's shoulders.

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Missed Dunk By Louisville Player Somehow Turns Into One Of The Best Slams Ive Ever Seen
Donovan Mitchell of the Louisville men's basketball team, sees an incredible dunk go in after mishandling the basketball.

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Jordan Kilganon Didn't Play In The NBA All-Star Game But He Ended Up With The Best Dunk Of The Night
Professional dunker Jordan Kilganon crams down one of the nastiest dunks of the 2016 NBA All-Star weekend.

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LaVine And Gordon Star In One Of The Best NBA Dunk Contests, EVER!
NBA stars Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine put on a show at 2016's NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

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UMass Lowell freshman completely shatters backboard on dunk attempt
A freshman at UMass Lowell shatters a backboard after dunking during a recent game.

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Kentucky's Alex Poythress Gets His Tooth Stuck on the Net After Alley-Oop
Kentucky star Alex Poythress tries to dunk and gets his tooth caught in the net on the way down.

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Milwaukee Bucks Hype Team With The Most Absurd Trampoline Dunk You Will EVER Witness
A Milwaukee Bucks hype man nails a 1080 trampoline dunk.

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Watch these kids pull off an amazing 12-Person pool dunk
Kids pull of an epic pool dunk using 12 different people.

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Watch A Guy Do A 360-Between-The-Legs-Dunk Over Four Grown Men
Pro dunker Rafal Lipinski lands an epic 360 dunk at a recent dunking competition in Germany.

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Guy Tries Dunking Over a Car, Fails Miserably
A dunker takes a hard fall when attempting to dunk over a car.

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Gotta See It: LaVine slams home touchdowns
Zach LaVine of the Minnesota Timberwolves uses a football to showcase his incredible dunking skills.

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Watch a 5-9 basketball player dunk over one person sitting on another person's shoulders
A man standing at only 5 feet and 9 inches, pulls off an incredibly difficult dunk in this recent viral video.

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Watch a guy throw down a 'Lost and Found' dunk that will tie your brain in knots
"Professional dunker" Jordan Kilganon wows the internet with a new amazing dunk called the "Lost and Found."

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Freakish high school star dunks over four players
High school basketball player Derrick Jones dunks over four people in a recent dunk contest.

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