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Man Drives His Truck Through A Group Of Native Americans Protesting Columbus Day In Shocking Video!
a man drove his pickup truck into a group of native americans protesting columbus day

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Please stop: Young girl begs as unapologetic Texas dad drags her through Walmart by the hair
Photos of a Texas father go viral as he drags his daughter around Walmart by her hair.

Wtf,  Omg,  Parenting Fail,  Disturbing,  

Get A Load Of This Bonehead Who Missed His Flight And Decided To Chase Down His Plane On The Tarmac
A viral video captures a man who missed his flight bypassing security and running after his plane on the Tarmac.

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A Woman Trying To Parallel Park Her Mercedes Instead Drives It Up And Over The Hood Of A Ferrari
a woman accidentally reverse parks her vintage mercedes on top of a ferrari 458.

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Mom Walking Baby In Stroller Has No Clue Couple Is Having Sex Next To Her
an outrageous couple has sex in a public park as an unsuspecting mom pushes her stroller nearby.

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The Internet Reacts To Draymond Green Snapchatting His D*ck
draymond green accidentally posts a video of his on snapchat, and the internet roasts him.

Social Media,  Draymond Green Meme,  Nba News,  News 2016,  

Hero cop rescues shot mother and her children after father opens fire
heart-stopping moment hero cop rushes in to save the life of mother and her three young children after father opens fire.

Disturbing Videos,  Sad Things,  America Shooting,  Crime,  

Brazilian woman is accused of child abuse on Facebook after a video of her twerking with a toddler goes viral
woman causes outrage on social media and is accused of being a pervert after twerking with a baby.

Social Media,  Twerking Videos,  Funny Dance Videos,  World News,  

Racist Couple Caught On Video Insulting Blacks In Restaurant
a racist couple accosts black family in a restaurant with verbal taunts and racial slurs.

Shocking,  Racism,  Controversy,  Latest Viral Videos,  

Shocking footage shows three teenage girls hurling a bunny rabbit against a wall
disgusting footage has emerged of three teenage girls flinging a pet bunny rabbit against a wall.

Shocking,  Disturbing,  Animals,  Just Wrong,  

50 Cent Films Himself Mocking An Airport Employee, Turns Out The Dude Is Mentally Handicapped, Internet Shitstorm Ensues
rapper 50 cent is under fire for posting a video of himself bullying a mentally handicapped man.

Fail,  Bully Fail,  Rap News,  Music News,  

Stripper performs at 8-year-olds birthday party
a florida mom hires stripper for her 8-year-old son's birthday party.

Ratchet,  Wtf,  Parenting Fail,  Parent Fail,  

Katt Williams Punches Man At A Rap Show In Philly - Immediately Gets Stomped Out!
footage of comedian katt williams getting beaten down after attempting to hit a member of rapper beanie sigel's entourage.

Wtf,  Celeb News,  Funny Celebrity,  Hahaha,  

A Viral Meme Claiming We Could Solve Poverty By Splitting The Powerball Is Really, Really Wrong
A totally inaccurate meme about how the $1 billion plus Powerball may help fight poverty, goes viral.

Memes,  Internet News,  Humor,  

Thief Caught On Security Camera Stuffing Live Python Down His Pants (Video)
A pet store thief stuffs a python into his jeans before making his escape.

Animals,  Wtf,  Weird News,  Robbery Videos,  

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