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This Guy Took Fake Book Covers On The Subway And Got Hilarious Reactions
watch w people react to comedian scott rogowsky reading some ridiculous books in public.

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[NSFW] Tattooed Pornstar Bonnie Rotten Is Topless in NYC!
a porn actress spends a day walking the streets of nyc, topless.

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Dude Gets Tinder Dates ‘High’ Vaping Weed But There’s A BIG Catch…
a prankster pretends to get his tinder dates high, to see w they will react

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Guy Completely Calls Out A ‘Gold Digger’ In The Best Possible Way
A YouTuber pranks an alleged gold digger in this recent viral footage.

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Viral video shows how two young white girls react to getting black dolls for Christmas
Two white girls react in a disturbing manner when they are gifted black baby dolls by their parents.

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Social Experiment 2015: Lamborghini Gold Digger Prank
the clic 'gold digger' prank done using a sweet lamborghini.

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Hot Girl Pretends To Be Drunk In Public To See If Men Will Help Her But What Actually Happens Is Disgusting
a social experiment sws the reactions of various men w are asked for help by a girl pretending to be drunk.

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This Rejection Experiment Proves Girls Are So Much More Brutal Than Guys
A new social experiment from 'Whatever' allegedly proves that guys are more graceful when rejecting women than girls are with guys

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YouTuber Poses As Blind Man To Test Strangers' Honesty About Winning Lottery Ticket (Video)
A man poses as a blind person to see who will be honest with him about winning the lottery.

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Predators Trick Teens Into Meeting Up In This Scary Social Experiment (Video)
A shocking social experiment tests the willingness of young boys to meet up with women they meet online.

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Jimmy Kimmel Hands People The Original iPhone And Tells Them It's The New iPhone 6S
The 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' crew hits the streets asking strangers if they like the new iPhone while showing them the first iPhone.

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Dads React To Their Daughters Getting Catcalled
this social experiment sws fathers reacting to their daughters getting catcalled on the streets of new york city.

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WATCH: Guy Pretends To Be A 15 Year Old Boy To Show The Dangers Of Social Media
A social experiment shows how easy it is for child predators to contact young children and teens on social media.

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Men Watch Footage Of Their Girlfriends Being Catcalled
a group of guys react to seeing hidden camera video of their female partners getting catcalled in public.

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Hilarious Prank Proves We Blindly Like All Proposals On Social Media (Video)
Pranksters get strangers to post fake proposal pictures to gauge the reactions of social media.

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