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Jimmy Kimmel Live Asks People On The Street What These Dirty Emojis Mean
interviewers from the 'jimmy kimmel live' sw ask random people on the street what they think these 'dirty' emojis mean.

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Social Experiment Involving Kidnapping Children In Broad Daylight Is Possibly The Most WTF Video Youll Ever Watch
bystanders in china seem to offer no help in this child abduction social experiment.

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This Is What Happens When White People Go To A Black BBQ [WATCH]
this hilarious social experiment sws what happens when a white family visits a black bbq for the first time.

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Jimmy Kimmel Asked People Their Reaction To ‘MLK Endorsing Trump’ And Proves, Once Again, That Most People Are Stupid
Jimmy Kimmel's 'Lie Witness News' asks people on the street about MLK's recent 'endorsement' of Donald Trump.

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Bigwood From Grimsby: Hello. How old are you?
Watch Lesbians Touch A Penis For The First Time
the awkward and hilarious reactions of s touching a for the first time.

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watch what happens when you sit on a strangers lap!  lol

Extreme Sitting On People Prank! (GIRLS EDITION)
watch what happens when you sit on a strangers lap! lol

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London Tube social experiment almost turns violent as men rush to 'Groped' woman's aid
footage sws w a group of men come to the aid of a "woman in distress" after she is "groped" on the tube in a social experiment

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Hot Girl Pretends To Be Drunk In Public To See If Men Will Help Her But What Actually Happens Is Disgusting
a social experiment sws the reactions of various men w are asked for help by a girl pretending to be drunk.

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This Rejection Experiment Proves Girls Are So Much More Brutal Than Guys
A new social experiment from 'Whatever' allegedly proves that guys are more graceful when rejecting women than girls are with guys

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YouTuber Poses As Blind Man To Test Strangers' Honesty About Winning Lottery Ticket (Video)
A man poses as a blind person to see who will be honest with him about winning the lottery.

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Predators Trick Teens Into Meeting Up In This Scary Social Experiment (Video)
A shocking social experiment tests the willingness of young boys to meet up with women they meet online.

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Woman Twerks In Public Places And People Just Dont Know How To React (Video)
world famous p-shaker lexy panterra twerks in public garnering the attention of bystanders in her vicinity.

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Crazy Social Experiment Reveals How Fast Strangers Will Help A Lying BF
random strangers help a lying boyfriend with his alibi about the night before in this hilarious prank.

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These 'Insta-Diggers' Totally Ignore Prankster Hitting On Them - Until They See His Instagram Following (Video)
Two girls ignore a guy until they see how many internet followers he has.

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Men Don’t Care Hot Woman Has A Boyfriend When She Hits On Them (Video)
A YouTube social experiment shows the reactions of men to a woman hitting on them while her boyfriend is nearby.

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