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The Internet Mocks The Dallas Cowboys With Hilarious Memes After PLayoff Loss To Packers
The Dallas Cowboys suffered a heartbreaking loss against the Green Bay Packers and the internet roasted them!

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Obama Surprising Biden With The Medal Of Freedom Has Been Turned Into An Extremely Pure Meme
Twitter Reactions to Obama Surprising Biden With the Presidential Medal of Freedom

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Twitter Is Roasting The Los Angeles Chargers For Their New Logo
The former San Diego left San Diego and their fans went in on the move, particularly the new logo.

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The Internet Mocks Donald Trump With Hilarious Memes Following Golden Shower Report
The internet erupts in glee over Trump's alleged Russian sex-ploits

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These Obama Farewell Speech Memes and Tweets Are One Last Ode To The Beloved POTUS
The Best, Most Heartbreaking Twitter Reactions to President Obama's Farewell Speech

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People Are Swooning Over A Sexy Chef Who Treats His Food Like A Lover
A video showing off this chef's knife skills quickly circulated on the internet and people are pretty much obsessed

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'Odell Beckham left his hands in Miami': Twitter doesn't hold back after Giants lose, miss chance at Cowboys rematch
Odell Beckham Jr. get criticism linking boat trip to drops in loss in hilarious meme format

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Black Twitter is Roasting Yahoo Finance for Mistakenly Posting the N-Word on Twitter
yao finance kicks off 2017 with a very unfortunate typo on twitter

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WATCH: Man Tied Up and Tortured on Facebook Live in Chicago
four people arrested after cutting man's forehead with knife on facebook live

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Internet reacts to Ronda Rousey's UFC 207 loss to Amanda Nunes
The internet roasts Ronda with hilarious memes after her 48 second UFC comeback loss

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The internet can't handle this photo and the rumors of Drake and J-Lo's relationship
Twitter Reacts To Drake & Jennifer Lopez' Cuddly Instagram Photo

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Kanye West dyed his hair neon-pink and everyone has feelings
Kanye was spotted looking like a fresh scoop of rainbow sherbet and Twitter had the best reactions

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The Internet Mocks Tiger Woods For Posting Weird Shirtless 'Mac Daddy Santa' Photo On Twitter
Tiger Woods posted this weird shirtless picture of himself as "Mac Daddy Santa" and there were hilarious memes

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#BoycottDelta Trends After Professional Prankster Claims He Was Kicked Off Flight For Speaking Arabic, But There Are Questions
YouTube star known for pranks claims he was kicked off Delta flight for speaking Arabic

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The White House Staff Played A Snowman Prank On President Obama And Twitter Had A Field Day With It
The White House staff thought it would be funny to start moving the snowman outside of the Oval Office

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