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Emotional Moment When Star Quarterback Gives His Homecoming King Crown To Friend With Cerebral Palsy
A Texas teen brings onlookers to tears when he gives his homecoming king title to a classmate suffering from Cerebral Palsy.

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One sweet gesture by FSU's Travis Rudolph makes mom of boy with autism
Florida State's star wideout saw a middle schooler eating lunch alone, so he grabbed a seat.

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A 12-Year-Old Girl Is Receiving Death Threats After Posting Pictures With Safari Animals She Gunned Down In South Africa
a preteen girl receives death threats over her gruesome hunting ptos posted online.

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Twitter’s reaction to 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s sitting out the national anthem
Colin Kapernick takes a stand against black oppression by sitting down during the national anthem and receives much backlash.

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Teen Slams Sexism After School Tells Her To Wear Longer Skirts And No Makeup
A student's response to being penalized in school for violating the school's dress code policy, goes viral.

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WATCH: Florida mom launches vile racist rant at black neighbors You should have stayed in Africa!
scking racist diatribe by bikini-clad woman caught on camera.

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Kate Bolduan Of CNN Starts To Cry Detailing Story Of Bloodied Syrian Child Omran Daqneesh
a news ancr begins to cry after sharing the footage of a 5-year-old syrian boy sitting, and bloodied from an airstrike.

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BREAKING VIDEO: Protester Run Over By Car, Shots Fired as Protesters Mark Two Year Anniversary of Mike Brown Death in Ferguson, MO
a protester was run over in ferguson on tuesday during a demonstration marking the second anniversary of michael brown's death.

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Crowd Turns Violent In Milwaukee After Police Shoot Armed Man
a rowdy crowd goes wild in milwaukee, after police kill an armed suspect.

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Black woman calls 911 during traffic stop because she fears Houston cop who then attacks her
a uston woman is forcefully arrested after calling 911 on a police officer during a traffic stop.

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Freeze! Police pull over anxious Virginia driver without telling her why and then surprise her with ICE CREAMS in PR stunt
Virginia police issue ice cream cones instead of traffic tickets.

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Korryn Gaines, A 23-Year-Old Mother, Latest Black Woman Killed By Police
many are questioning the cirstances surrounding gaines death, after she was killed by police in her me.

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Surveillance video shows Oklahoma jail staff put distressed inmate in fatal chokehold
darius robinson was locked up in an oklama jail when officers pepper sprayed him and crushed his windpipe in what was ruled as a

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Racist Trump supporter caught on video going apesh*t inside a Manhattan subway train
a donald tp supporter argues with a black woman on a new york subway train using racially stile language.

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The Michelle Obama Speech That Brought Down The House At The DNC
The first lady endorsed Hillary Clinton for president on the opening day of the Democratic convention in an emotional speech.

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