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Dude Creates YouTube Tutorial Using His Cheating Wife [VIDEO]
a guy gives a video tutorial on youtube using his wife cheating on him as the subject material.

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'Possessed' woman collapses and lets out Blood-Curdling screams in the supermarket as items fall from shelves as she walks past
woman begins randomly convulsing and screaming in a spping aisle in china leading people to believe she is possessed..

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I Cant Stop Laughing At How This Drug Dealer Got Rid Of His Stash When He Got Pulled Over By The Police
funny viral footage sws an innovative way to dispose of drugs while stopped by police.

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This Real Life Mortal Kombat Video Is Absolutely Brutal And Definitely NSFW
a group of australian youtubers sw what mortal kombat fatalities would look like in real life.

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Watch: 'Ghost' Throws Furniture Around Hotel Room (Video)
viral footage appears to sw a severe case of paranormal activity.

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Guy Perfectly Mimics Every Single Inspirational Video Ever Created
a funny spoof of what seems like every inspirational youtube video ever.

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Guy Exposes A Girl For Gold Digging By Acting Like He’s Famous (Video)
a prank video sws a woman getting exposed for being the ultimate gold digger.

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Hoax? Naked Man Filmed Escaping Buckingham Palace Window [VIDEO]
a video appears to sw a naked man climbing out of the heavily guarded buckingham palace.

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Jimmy Kimmel Invented An App To Help White People Make Black Friends (Video)
A skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live features an app that allows white people to connect and make black friends.

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Legit Or Staged? - A Woman's Purse Is Snatched In The Middle Of A Packed Mall (Video)
video of a woman getting her purse ed in the middle of a mall and a few heroic men catch her thief and bring him to justice.

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Mike Ditka doing "wrecking ball" better then Miley Cyrus
Mike Ditka doing "wrecking ball" better then Miley Cyrus

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These Outtakes Prove That The 'F*** Her Right In The P***y' News Gaffes Are Totally Fake
viral video producer john cain gives us a behind the scenes reel of bloopers from some of the fhritp productions.

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Jingle All The Way With The Santa Claus Version Of Migos
a funny parody video sws what it may be like being a member of the group migos, during christmas time.

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Guy Tries To Check Out Hot Girl Walking By And Eats Sh*t On Treadmill (Video)
A guy slyly plays off a fall from a treadmill in front of a hot girl.

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(NSFW) Nerd Vs. Thug: An Experiment In Picking Up Women (Get's A Handjob)
a guy conducts a social experiment in order to see if he could pick up woman dressed as a nerd, versus being dressed as a thug.

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