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A Woman Trying To Parallel Park Her Mercedes Instead Drives It Up And Over The Hood Of A Ferrari
a woman accidentally reverse parks her vintage mercedes on top of a ferrari 458.

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Prankster Shocks Waiting Uber Passengers When He Pulls Up In A Smoking Hot Bugatti
This Uber driver 'pranks' riders when he picks them up in a $1.5 million sportscar.

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This Video Of Two Grandmas Cruising In A Rs 2.6 Crore Lamborghini Murcielago Is Going Crazy Viral
Two elderly women take a Lamborghini around Los Angeles and break the internet.

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A Chick Just Won A $120,000 Aston Martin On ‘The Price Is Right’
A woman wins a luxury car worth over six figures on 'The Price is Right.'

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World's Worst Valet And Pauly D Look-A-Like Sets Lamborghini On Fire While Trying To Park It
A valet, joy riding a Lamborghini, accidentally catches the expensive sports car on fire.

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Dodge Dart Driver Loses Rear Axle While Showing Off (Video)
a muscle car driver loses the back of his car when he tries to go a little too fast while swing off.

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Watch This Bro Drive His Lamborghini Through San Diego Flood Waters LIKE A BOSS
a lamborghini gallardo driver drives his car through a flooded san diego street.

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Fat Guy Fails At Getting Out Of The Driver's Seat Of An Exotic Sports Car
The funny moment when an overweight gentleman gets stuck while trying to get out of a BMW i8.

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Epic Lamborghini Huracan Test Drive Is Abruptly Stopped By An Idiot Driver
a driver testing out a new supercharged lamborghini huracan is abruptly stopped by an suv dragging a log down spunky canyon.

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Social Experiment 2015: Lamborghini Gold Digger Prank
the clic 'gold digger' prank done using a sweet lamborghini.

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 be ridin foreign, but cant keep up with the payments
be ridin foreign, but cant keep up with the payments

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Watching This $4.1 Million Supercar Crash Into A Wall Is Just Like Watching Money Burn
A driver in China crashes a car worth over 4 million US dollars.

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Shocking moment driver TEXTS while hanging out of his wrecked Lamborghini - after mowing down three people and killing one
the driver of a lamborghini runs over pedestrians while trying to race down an indonesian street.

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How NOT to steal a Porsche: Hapless thief slashes his way into 75k car in broad daylight - but walks off after failing to start it
Man tries to steal porsche by cutting roof open.

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Rich Idiot Wrecks Million Dollar Ferrari LaFerrari Minutes After Leaving The Dealership
A Ferrari driver idiotically wrecks his expensive sports car briefly after purchasing the car from a dealership in Hungary.

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