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These Trump Chicken Memes and Tweets Are Funny Enough To Make The President Squawk
Trump-like chicken at White House ruffles feathers on Twitter

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The Internets At War Over Moms 'Incestuous' Videos Breastfeeding Her Toddlers
a mother is dealing with major criticism over videos she posts online of her breastfeeding her children

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Subway Riders Live-Tweet Chaos After Woman Lets Bugs Loose On Crowded Train
a woman throws a crazy fit on the subway and releases a large number of live crickets while doing so.

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McDonald's Employee, Customer Brawl Outside Of Drive Thru Window (Video)
brutal fight at a minneapolis mcdonald's drive thru window between staff and customer.

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Teenager Tries To Get Model-Esque Eyebrows But Damages Her Face Instead
A performing Arts student tried a new brow treatment to give herself fuller eyebrows, but ended up possibly scarring her face.

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450-lb man arrested for hiding  in rolls of fat
450-lb man arrested for hiding in rolls of fat

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Meet The Controversial Preacher Who Loves God And Showing Off Her Nipples
north carolina preacher delivers ministry, 'gospel from the stripper's pole,' while revealing her nipples.

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Groom Organizes Fake ISIS Invasion For Terrible Wedding Surprise
A recent and very controversial ISIS themed wedding surprise video, grows in popularity on the internet.

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Genius Covers Himself In Mentos And Jumps In Bathtub Full Of Coke Zero (Video)
In a weird twist on the classic science experiment, a guy decides to attach Mentos to his body and jump in a tub full of Coke.

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Video: Basketball Coach Body-Slams Teacher In Student-Faculty Game
A school's basketball coach is arrested after brutally slamming and injuring a teacher during a school basketball game.

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Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Pilot Is Locked Out Of Cockpit (Video)
A plane is forced to make an emergency landing when the pilot gets locked out of the cockpit on a bathroom break.

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WATCH: New Rochelle police officer holds teens at gunpoint
police allegedly ld black teens at gunpoint over a snowball fight.

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Parents Charged After Police Find Video Of Them Encouraging Toddler To Put A Gun In Her Mouth
the couple, w are 19 and 22, can be heard encouraging the girl to say pow while she lds the firearm.

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'I'm Not Gay No More!' A Young Man Claiming to be Saved from Being Gay is the Latest Viral Video You Need to Know About
Andrew Caldwell is the center of an unintentional viral video where he proclaims to be 'delivered' from homosexuality.

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Grave robber dug up 29 girls and turned them into human dolls
disturbing news article about a grave robber that mummified the bodies of little girls.

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