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Man Who Allegedly Voted For Donald Trump Gets Mercilessly Beaten By Angry Mob
as tensions rise after the election, an alleged tp supporter is beaten in the street.

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what street fighter would look like in real life

Real Life Street Fighter
what street fighter would look like in real life

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Girl Gets Absolutely DESTROYED By A Punch After Foolishly Calling Another Girl The N-Word
an argument turns into a one-punch knockout, when a girl is angered after being called a racial epithet by a caucasian girl.

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Soccer Game Canceled After Fans Storm Field And Fight (Video)
fans of opposing teams in chile storm a soccer field and fight with chairs, poles, fists, and fireworks.

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McDonald's Employee, Customer Brawl Outside Of Drive Thru Window (Video)
brutal fight at a minneapolis mcdonald's drive thru window between staff and customer.

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Girl In McDonalds Drive Thru FLIPS Out, Drags Worker By The Hair Out Of Window Into Car, Beats The McS**t Out Of Her
a crazy fight in the drive-thru of a mcdonald's ends in an employee being pulled out of the building through the window.

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You Can’t Even Consider It A Street Fight Until Baseball Bats And Car Seats Are Used As Weapons
a trio of women beat up a man with weapons in the middle of a busy street.

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Spider-Man Fights Heckler In New York City, Kids Cheer (Video)
a man dressed as spider-man fights a man w was allegedly heckling him while a crowd cheers him on.

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Brawl Starts Outside A Burger King, Ends Inside It With A Dude Walloping Someone Over The Head With A Pipe
brawlers fight over a cheating woman inside of a burger king in charlotte, nc.

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Walmart Brawl Features A Dude Getting Tased So Hard His Shoes Fall Off
an undercover cop uses his stun gun to subdue a man involved in a brawl at walmart, and the suspect's s fall off.

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Video 'Shows NFL star Junior Galette beating a woman with a belt and throwing punches during 2013 fight at Spring Break'
an nfl player is allegedly involved in a wild south beach brawl in 2013.

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Thugs Get Beatings Of Their Lives After Trying To Rob Elderly Ex-Boxer (Video)
an elderly man quickly takes out two drunk young men w allegedly tried to rob him.

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Nevada Police Drop Woman On Pavement With Taser (Video)
video sws a woman armed with a police baton getting dropped by a police officer from behind with a taser.

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Shirtless driver gets rammed by BMW in shocking east London road rage incident - video
a very intense road rage incident is recorded in london between two very heated drivers.

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Like A Boss? Watch A Kid Stop A Grown Woman From An Angry Tirade (Video)
a teenaged boy shuts down an angry adult trying to provoke a fight by blasting rap music.

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