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This Video Of A Coward Punch On A Young Man Is Truly Shocking
CCTV footage shows a man viciously sneak punching another in Australia on New Year's Eve.

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Shocking Footage Shows Stabbing At Cowboys-Redskins Game [VIDEO]
a fan is stabbed outside of a cowboys versus redskins game after fights break out.

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Video: Nasty Fight Breaks Out In Stands At Louisville vs. Syracuse Game
a group of louisville fans brawl in the stands during a football game.

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This Was Just A Good Ol’ Fashioned Schoolyard Fight, Until One Dude Gets Walloped In The Face By A Flying Razor Scooter
a teen is brutally smashed in the face with a s during a scol fight.

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Brawl Over The Confederate Flag Spills Into The Streets Outside Of South Carolina Statehouse
a skirmish breaks out between anti-confederate flag protesters and confederate flag supporters in south carolina.

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Walmart Brawl Features A Dude Getting Tased So Hard His Shoes Fall Off
an undercover cop uses his stun gun to subdue a man involved in a brawl at walmart, and the suspect's s fall off.

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Thugs Get Beatings Of Their Lives After Trying To Rob Elderly Ex-Boxer (Video)
an elderly man quickly takes out two drunk young men w allegedly tried to rob him.

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Don't Start Barking At A Dude In A Motorcycle Helmet Or You'll Be Headbutted Into Tomorrow
a road raging truck driver get's knocked off his heat when headbutted by a man in a motorcycle helmet.

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Driver Road Rages On Helpless Old Man Until Bystander Steps In And Knocks Him Out
a bystander intervenes when a road raged driver beats on an elderly man for hitting his car.

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Guy Who Can't Fight Is Beatdown After Instigating A Fight (Video)
video of two young men fighting over damage to a car.

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When Drug Deals Go Wrong You See Beat Downs Like These(Graphic Video)
an alleged drug deal ends in a violent beat down with a large crowd watching in amazement.

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Watch Bleu Davinci's Crew Attack Hustle Simmons At SXSW
rap industry insider hustle simmons is attacked by rapper bleu davinci and his entourage at sxsw.

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Vicious Beating On Playground Caught On Camera (Video)
a teen brutally bullies a girl and her small brother in a park.

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Unprovoked! Watch This Group Of Females Randomly Jump This Guy On A Train In NY [VIDEO]
a group of ladies beat up on a male train penger on the 'f' line in new york.

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Rocked Em': Watch This Skinny Guy Get The Best Of A Guy Double His Size Over A Facebook Beef [VIDEO]
a skinny guy gets the best of a much bigger individual in this now viral cell pne footage.

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