Stunts Gone Wrong

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Great balls of fire! Painful moment man sets his crotch alight after flaming alcohol stunt goes horribly wrong
a video of a young man accidentally setting his crotch on fire has gone viral and is spreading like wildlife across social media.

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Fire-Breather At A High School Pep Rally Causes A Riot When He Sets Himself And The Gym On Fire
Fire-breather catches fire at Florida high school pep rally; at least 7 students injured in ensuing chaos.

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Italian actress tries to do the splits on live TV. It doesn't end well.
An actress in Italy fails miserably at doing the splits on live TV.

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Video: Daredevil rolls under train in Channelview, dangerous and illegal stunt
a viral youtube stunt sws a man rolling under a moving train and making it witut injury.

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Fox News Host Pete Hegseth Accidentally Hits Drummer With Ax (Video)
a television st accidentally hits a marching band member with an axe.

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Watch One Drunk Idiot Accidentally Slice Off Another Drunk Idiot’s Nose When A Samurai Sword Stunt Goes Horribly Awry
a drunken fool allows his friend to cp off a chunk of his nose in this stunt gone wrong.

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Drunk Idiot With Samurai Sword Attempts To Slice The Beer Can His Friend Is Holding…What Could Go Wrong?
two drunk guys fail miserably at a stunt involving a samurai sword.

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BASE Jumper Leaps Off Bridge, Lights Parachute On Fire, Dies (Video)
a base jumper dies in ida when a crazy stunt goes wrong.

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18-Year-Old Lets Friends Light Him On Fire -- It Doesn't End Well (Video)
a drunk party prank goes wrong when an 18-year-old lights himself on fire and suffers from harsh burns.

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A Man Is Almost Eaten Alive By A Snowmobile! Because... Russia! (Video)
a srt video sws a russian man attempting to hitch a ride by hanging on the back of a snowmobile, and it going very wrong, fast

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This Guy Narrowly Escapes Death After His Scooter Crashes While Between Two Trucks (Video)
A man on a scooter escapes a potentially life-ending wreck with minor injuries after falling from his scooter.

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WATCH: You might as well jump! Jump! This guy's claim to fame is "window jumping"
A gymnasts' montage of crazy 'window jumping' and other stunts he has attempted.

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This 'God Of Thot's' Takes A Dive Into A Frozen Pool, And The Results Are Hilarious (Video)
a man w calls himself the 'tt god' jumps into a pool with inches of frozen ice, and the consequences are hilarious.

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Worst Knife Thrower Ever Hits His Assistant Not Once, BUT TWICE On Live TV
an extremely dangerous knife throwing stunt goes wrong, when an istant is hit with the knives two times on live television.

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What An Idiot! A Man Pierces His Own Lip With A Hammer And Nail (NSFW 18+)
a young australian man pierces his own lip with a hammer and nail to avoid paying a professional.

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