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Buffalo Bills Fan Snaps Leg In Half Jumping Through Table At Tailgate
Bills Fan Gruesomely Breaks His Leg While Trying To Jump Through A Table

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Driver Films Himself Going 115 MPH On Facebook Live And All His Friends Saw Him Get Seriously Injured After Crashing
20 yr old currently in critical condition while crashing on Facebook Live doing 115 on the highway

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Student collapses after pals play deadly new 'choking game' on him in school corridor
students around the world are participating in a deadly game, where kids are being pushed in the chest, until they can't breathe.

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This Old Dude Going Ballistic On A Cyclist After Refusing To Share The Road Is The Funniest Video Youll See Today
dude unleashes pbic tirade on cyclist in road rage meltdown.

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If It Twerks It Works: Man Starts Twerking In Court
Man starts twerking in court! Judge not impressed.

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NYPD's Sick Grab Ends Mans Crazy Live Trump Tower Climb
A man is grabbed by NY police officers in an immaculate manner after trying to scale the Trump Tower.

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Get A Load Of This Bonehead Who Missed His Flight And Decided To Chase Down His Plane On The Tarmac
A viral video captures a man who missed his flight bypassing security and running after his plane on the Tarmac.

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Wannabe rapper shoots himself in the FACE to get famous in shocking viral video
the scking moment when an aspiring rapper sots himself in the face for viral fame.

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Driver sideswipes Baltimore cop car while playing 'dumb a-- game' — Pokémon Go
Baltimore police say a driver who hit a cop car admitted that the accident was a result of his playing Pokmon Go in his vehicle.

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Woman Films Uber Driver Screaming In Her Face To Get Out Of His Car And The Video Is Biting HER In The A** Now
a disturbing viral video sws a woman antagonizing her very annoyed uber driver for not troughly explaining their location.

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Dummies Arrested After Bragging About Alleged Burglary On Facebook
florida teens brag about a robbery on facebook and land in jail.

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Motorcyclist Chases Down Speeding D-Bag Driver, Road Rage Fight Erupts After 8 Minutes Of 'Yo Mama' Jokes
a motorcyclist and a driver fight after a spat of road rage including "yo mama" jokes, and simulated sex on the bikers motorcycle.

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Mountain biker nearly falls off cliff after attempting a wheelie in scary video
Rider almost fell off of Gooseberry Mesa in Saint George, Utah - trying to wheelie up onto a rock alongside the Mesa ledge.

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Watch a Drunk Man in a Zoo Enclosure Trying to Shake a Lion's Hand
watch a drunk man jump into a lion's cage in india.

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Woman rips out huge chunk of hair attempting 'corn cob challenge'
A woman doing an internet challenge involving corn and a drill, accidentally rips out a huge patch of hair.

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