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Nick Young Nearly Blows Off Hand (And Maybe More) Playing With Fireworks
NBA player Nick Young nearly blows his hand off while holding a lit firework.

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Watch This Insane Driver Back His Car Out Of A Transporter Truck That Is Breathing Hellfire
The shocking moment when a truck driver reverses a new car off of his transporter truck which was in flames.

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See moment celebrity chef 'caught cutting up line of white powder live on TV'
tv chef lubomir herko is caught apparently cutting up a suious looking line of white powder during a live morning broadcast.

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Extreme Phone Pinching Is A Thing And It Will Make You Cringe (Video)
A new vine craze called 'Extreme Phone Pinching' makes smartphone lovers around the world nervous.

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Man sets friend's bare feet on fire in extreme prank that goes too far
the reckless joker quietly pours lighter fluid over his sleeping pal's feet before setting them ablaze.

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Idiots Fire Mortar Shell Fireworks Inside Closed Garage
a group of guys light a fireworks mortar s inside of a garage.

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Soccer player kidnapped at gunpoint and driven to the desert in worst TV prank ever
a prank by an algerian tv station kidnapping a soccer star seems to go way too far.

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Drunk Idiot With Samurai Sword Attempts To Slice The Beer Can His Friend Is Holding…What Could Go Wrong?
two drunk guys fail miserably at a stunt involving a samurai sword.

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Guy tries backflip catch off a house, fails spectacularly
This man's attempt at a crazy football catch doesn't end as planned.

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Guys Try To Test A Car's Self-Parking Feature - Things Don't Seem To Go As Planned (Video)
A self-parking test goes very wrong when the car smashes into a man viewing the attempted test.

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18-Year-Old Lets Friends Light Him On Fire -- It Doesn't End Well (Video)
a drunk party prank goes wrong when an 18-year-old lights himself on fire and suffers from harsh burns.

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Kids Doing Dumb Sh*t - Watch A Teen Break His Face After Riding Up The Side Of An Escalator (Video)
a young man rides up on the side of an escalator and takes a major fall when there is nowhere left to go.

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Road Raging Biker Gets A Little Instant Karma When He Tries To Kick A Car
a biker falls to the ground when trying to kick a car in a fit of road rage.

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A Man Is Almost Eaten Alive By A Snowmobile! Because... Russia! (Video)
a srt video sws a russian man attempting to hitch a ride by hanging on the back of a snowmobile, and it going very wrong, fast

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Risking it all: Man ice skates while holding on to a truck going 50mph
A guy drags his feet on an icy road for a considerable distance while hanging off of the door of a moving truck.

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