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Video: Cee-Lo Green nearly killed after Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes in hand
Surveillance footage captured the moment a Samsung phone exploded on Cee Lo's face!

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Getting Ruthlessly Dragged On Twitter Here Are The Most Fire Reactions
Twitter has been blowing up over Samsung's phone blowing up on customers

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Tesla Model-S Driver Filmed Asleep At The Wheel In The Middle Of Heavy Traffic Lets The Autopilot Take Over
A Tesla driver is caught in heavy traffic sleeping while his car is on autopilot.

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Watch This Tesla's Autopilot Save A Driver's Life
Tesla Model S autopilot saved the car autonomously from a side collision from a boom lift truck.

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70-Year-Old Completely Loses It When She Tries Out Teslas Self-Driving Car
an older woman freaks out on a test drive in a self-driving tesla.

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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Convince People An iPhone 5S Is The New iPhone
Jimmy Kimmel tricks people into comparing two iPhone 5's, acting as if they are comparing the iPhone 5 to the new iPhone SE.

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Watch SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket land, tip over, and explode
Elon Musk's Falcon 9 rocket tips over and explodes after making it's landing on a droneship.

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delberto thompson: "WOW"
Man films incredible video of his hoverboard bursting into flames
A man films the shocking moment when his $600 hoverboard randomly lights on fire.

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A Bunch Of People Got Hurt On Christmas Riding Their New Hoverboards
Hoverboard injuries surge, as the newly popular technology is gifted practically everywhere for the 2015 Christmas holiday.

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See Tesla’s Self-Driving Car Save The Human In It From A Head-On Collision, Realize The Machines Have Arrived
A Tesla being driven on autopilot stops in the nick of time to prevent what might have been a horrid car accident.

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Watch two men in jetpacks chase a jumbo jet in the sky above Dubai
Two men on jetpacks keep up with a huge Emirates jet high in the sky above Dubai.

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Jimmy Kimmel Hands People The Original iPhone And Tells Them It's The New iPhone 6S
The 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' crew hits the streets asking strangers if they like the new iPhone while showing them the first iPhone.

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Lexus Just Made A Freaking Hoverboard! (Video)
Lexus previews one of the first looks at their new hoverboard prototype.

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Guys Try To Test A Car's Self-Parking Feature - Things Don't Seem To Go As Planned (Video)
A self-parking test goes very wrong when the car smashes into a man viewing the attempted test.

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When you record a quality snap but it deletes before you can add it to your story
When you record a quality snap but it deletes before you can add it to your story

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