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DJ Khaled Streamed His Own Album While Snapchatting His Fiance Giving Birth
Nicole Tuck gave birth to their sweet baby boy last night, DJ Khaled, naturally, documented the entire thing

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Texas AandM Pulled Off The Most Insane Comeback In Just 35 Seconds
Texas A&M basketball team comes back from a 12-point deficit in the final minute of a historic 'March Madness' thriller.

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A backwards Three-Quarter Buzzer-Beater is the king of all Buzzer-Beaters
A guy hits a crazy buzzer-beating shot, backwards, from the other side of the court.

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This Lucky Mother Effer Survived A Seven Story Parking Garage Collapsing On Him (Video)
A crane operator miraculously survives when a parking garage collapses directly on top of him.

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One More Reason To Stay Away From Florida: Alligators Are Going Insane, Trying To Bite Each Other In Half
epic video sws two florida alligators fighting near water.

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You'll Need To Grab The Tissues When You See Why These Kids Gave Up Their Presents
When faced with a tough decision, will these kids pick a Christmas gift for themselves or give it up for a gift for their family?

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See Tesla’s Self-Driving Car Save The Human In It From A Head-On Collision, Realize The Machines Have Arrived
A Tesla being driven on autopilot stops in the nick of time to prevent what might have been a horrid car accident.

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Insane Footage Shows Skydiver Setting Her Own Parachute On Fire Mid-Jump Without A Single S**t In The World Given
a skydiver sets her parachute on fire during the middle of a jump.

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NBA Rookie Surprises His Mom With New House, Reminds Us Why We Love Sports [VIDEO]
Brooklyn Nets rookie Rondae Jefferson along with his brother surprises their Mom with a new home.

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WATCH: Snake snags, drags catfish in viral video
A snake devours a large catfish at a lake in North Carolina.

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A Porsche landed on top of another Porsche during the GT Tour's Navarra 2015
A crash in a GT race ends with one race-car on top of another.

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Watching This Crocodile Fly Through The Air Will Give You Nightmares (Video)
A crocodile propels itself out of water with its ridiculously strong tail.

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Watch a Shaolin monk break his own record by running 410 feet on water
A Shaolin monk runs on top of water for 125 meters.

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High Schooler Balls Out, Hits 120 3-Pointers in 5 Minutes
High school basketball player Leah Church hits 120 three-point shots in five minutes in an attempt to break the world record.

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Girl's softball trick shot is better than any bat flip you'll ever see
A girl does an amazing softball bat trick before batting the ball away.

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