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Olympic Pole Vaulter’s Penis Slams Into Bar And The Video Will Make You Cringe
a pole vaulter's is his own worst enemy during an olympic jump.

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This Bloody Broken Arm Prank Might Take Top Honors For Grossest Trick Ever Played On Someone
a prankster tricks bystanders into thinking he breaks his arm with the help of some realistic makeup.

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Grizzlies mascot climbs ladder, then jumps and slams mascot in Spurs jersey through table
The Memphis Grizzles mascot does a dangerous jump off of a ladder and flattens a Spurs mascot through a table.

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Watch a Mississippi State player demolish a scared pancake mascot
A pancake mascot is knocked over in a recent college dunk contest.

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Hot Model On Reality Show Is Pushed Into Pool During Game, Flashes Everyone When Her Bikini Top Falls Off
reality sw star left red-faced after she bares her breasts in live tv wardrobe malfunction.

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Watch Cam Newton freestyle rap at Super Bowl Opening Night
Cam Newton wins Super Bowl media night with a freestyle rap.

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Cop In D.C. Joins In On Pick-Up Football Game During Blizzard And Drops Vicious Stiff-Arm
A Washington D.C. cop joins a snow filled neighborhood football game - unleashes a devastating stiff-arm.

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Spurs Kiss Cam Completely Screws With Bro And His Female Friend Who Have Clearly Never Kissed Before
A guy is sent to the friend zone after getting trolled by the 'Kiss Cam' at a San Antonio Spurs basketball game.

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Comedian Jeff Dunham and a puppet friend named 'Peanut,' do a funny short bit about hair loss.

Jeff Dunham And Peanut (Hair Loss)
Comedian Jeff Dunham and a puppet friend named 'Peanut,' do a funny short bit about hair loss.

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The Price Is Right Model Takes a Tumble and Accidentally Smashes Stage Light: Watch the Video
A game show model falls during a filming of the show and breaks a stage light.

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Guy filming an Air-Pump rocket says 'Oh damn' before getting smashed in the face
a man filming a small air-pump rocket has a hilarious reaction to it when he is pummeled in the face.

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Bills fan slams into a bus after incredible attempt at 'dizzy bat'
A Buffalo Bills fan rams a bus with his face after playing a game of dizzy bat.

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Guy With A Horrible Fear of Heights Completely LOSES IT On A 4,700 Foot High Glass Walkway
A guy with an extreme fear of heights freaks out while on the side of a cliff 4,700ft above sea level in China.

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Stop Whatever You’re Doing And Watch Marshawn Lynch Sell Skittles (Video)
NFL star Marshawn Lynch hilariously sells Skittles on a home shopping network.

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Man’s ‘Single Ladies’ Routine Is So On Point, It Rivals Beyoncé’s Moves (Video)
A fitness instructor channels Beyonc while giving water aerobics lesson.

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