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High School Basketball Player Gives Reporter Thirstiest Stare Of All-Time After Winning State Title
A basketball player stares down an interviewer in a very awkward moment after winning the state title.

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Man Gets Out Of A Traffic Ticket By Telling The Police Officer He Was Distracted By A "Fat A**"
a guy talks his way out of a traffic ticket by telling the police officer he was distracted by a big butt.

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 When you get to work and you start dying inside

jay: the face u make when ur faith gets weak
Walking into work like
When you get to work and you start dying inside

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WATCH: The Bills kicker threw his helmet and it hit him in the face
NFL kicker Dan Carpenter throws his helmet after missing a kick, and it unluckily hits him in back in his face.

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watch this inappropriate yet funny hee haw  joke

Hee Haw Dick Joke
watch this inappropriate yet funny hee haw joke

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Oh My! NFL Network Accidentally Broadcasts a Locker Room Full of Naked Bengals Players [Video]
a nfl network camera catches bengals' players in the nude during a post-game interview in the team's locker room.

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Prankster Has People Try To Lift Thors Hammer And They Completely Fail (Video)
A Youtuber watches random pedestrians fail at picking up a Thor hammer that only he can pick up by fingerprint scan.

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A Diabolical Jeopardy! Contestant Tricked Alex Trebek Into Saying Turd Ferguson
Jeopardy contestant tricks Alex Trebek into saying the name Turd Ferguson.

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A College Marching Band Apologized For Seemingly Forming Their Rivals Mascot Eating A D*ck
a scol's marching band makes a formation that very closely resembles a .

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Demon Child Scare Prank!
a girl dressed up as a 'demon child' scares the crap out of strangers in secluded locations.

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Pranksters Go To EDC In Vegas To Pretend Like They’re Selling Drugs, But Really It’s Just Tic Tacs And Altoids
pranksters approach ravers with fake drugs to see w will be willing to buy.

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This Compilation Of Kids Giving Their Dad’s Breakfast In The Shower For Father’s Day Is Hilarious
Kids hilariously serve their fathers breakfast in the shower on Father's Day.

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Guy Hilariously Attempts To Play Matchmaker For Random College Students (Video)
A prankster plays matchmaker with two random strangers on a college campus.

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Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Asks Super-Stoned People Questions On 4/20 (Video)
a recent jimmy kimmel live segment features stoners answering trivia questions on the liday ''

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Chicks sound like this to guys when they wanna argue

How it sounds when bae screams at me
Chicks sound like this to guys when they wanna argue

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