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A Group Of Giants Fans Beat Up And Drag A Patriots Fan Outside Of Stadium After Preseason Game
new york giants fans deliver a violent beat down to rival patriots fans.

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Graphic Video Shows Baylor Wide Receiver Ishmael Zamora Beating Dog With Belt
a college football player is caught beating and kicking a helpless dog with a belt.

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Rams Fan Gets His Lights Turned Out By A Vicious Left Hook From A Chiefs Fan During Their Preseason Game
Fans fight at the Los Angeles Coliseum during a preseason game between the Chiefs and Rams.

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BREAKING VIDEO: Protester Run Over By Car, Shots Fired as Protesters Mark Two Year Anniversary of Mike Brown Death in Ferguson, MO
a protester was run over in ferguson on tuesday during a demonstration marking the second anniversary of michael brown's death.

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Tough break! The moment an Armenian weightlifter's arm snaps as he tries to lift 429lbs leaving him screaming in agony at the Olympics
Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan crashed out of the Olympics in agony as his left elbow gave way during a lift attempt.

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Rio Olympics 2016: Horror crash mars women's road race
A horrifying cycle accident has left Olympic cyclist Anna van Vleuten in intensive care, with 3 spinal fractures and a concussion.

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Chinese Driver Drags Dog To Its Death (Video)
inhumane driver drags dog to its death on road in china.

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Mom Walking Baby In Stroller Has No Clue Couple Is Having Sex Next To Her
an outrageous couple has sex in a public park as an unsuspecting mom pushes her stroller nearby.

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Schoolgirl, seven, dies in shocking freak accident after an elephant hurls a ROCK at her head while she was having her picture taken
scolgirl killed by elephant after it threw a rock while she posed for picture at a zoo.

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Crazed Man Purposely Sets Patient On Fire Inside Hospital - Kills 3
three people died after a man set a fire inside a spital ward in tirana, albania, on june 25.

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Shocking Video Captures The Terrifying Moment A Woman Is Mauled By A Tiger
a tiger attacks and kills a woman at a safari park in china.

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Oklahoma police release video of man struggling for gun with officer, fatal shooting
a man acting bizarrely on a bus is st by the cops after a split-second struggle.

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Three Officers Fatally Shot In Baton Rouge Louisiana
three police officers were fatally st in baton rouge by at least one person, dressed in black, walking down a highway with a gun

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Excessive? Fresno Police Release Controversial Body Cam Video Of Dylan Noble Shooting
police in fresno have released video which sws the graphic soting of dylan noble.

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Two schoolgirls set on fire in school play horror as stage prop bursts into flames
scol play stunt goes wrong, as students are set on fire.

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