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Cavs fans literally eats his own shirt after losing Warriors-Thunder bet
A Cleveland Cavaliers fan eats his shirt for losing a bet on the Thunders

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Batman Uber Prank Mixes Lamborghini Hooning and Giggling Hot Girls
Batman pranks Uber users by pulling up in a black Lamborghini Aventador.

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Kids Explaining What Love Is Will Make You Laugh And Then Cry
Kids do their best to explain what love is, in honor of Valentine's Day.

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High school student section distracts FT shooter with mock baby delivery
A few fans in a high school student section take the 'free throw distraction' to new levels.

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Raccoon Jonesin' For A Sugar Fix Busts Into Donut Shop Through Roof, Steals Himself A Donut
a rac is caught on camera stealing a donut from a bakery by sneaking in through the sp's roof.

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Shirtless Jogger Becomes Viral Star After Crashing Chicago Weather Forecast
Muscly shirtless jogger gets more than 1 MILLION views in viral news interview where he admits he's single.

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News Reporter Claps Back At Heckler With A Your Mom' Joke On Live TV
palm springs reporter joe galli was doing a report on thanksgiving at the westfield palm desert mall when someone suted fhritp.

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Man Goes On Hilarious Rant About How Hot Jennifer Lopez Was At The AMAs (Video)
a youtuber's funny review of j lo's looks at the ama's goes viral.

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Children React to Their Parents Telling Them They've Eaten All of Their Halloween Candy
jimmy kimmel's 'i told my kids i ate all their halloween candy' 2015 edition.

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Watch: High School Football Team Starts Celebrating -- A Tad Too Early (Video)
A high school football team celebrates too soon after blocking a field goal, and loses the game.

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Sad Yankees Fan Gets Three Chances To Catch A Foul Ball And Misses Every Single One
A baseball fan with great seats has three opportunities to catch a foul ball, and is embarrassed when he can't make it happen.

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A Guy Who Lost It In A Road Rage Incident Is Now A Gigantic Meme
video of a road rage incident in the uk turns one man into a viral internet sensation.

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This Intense Shower Prank Almost Gets This Prankster A Real Beating (Video)
roman atwood is duped by another career prankster w pretends to film atwood's girlfriend while she swers.

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LMAO!! Somebody Screams 'What Are Those?' During The Fight And Floyd Responded [VIDEO]
Floyd Mayweather checks a heckler during a fight for yelling "What Are Those."

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TV Weatherman Falls Into Pool During Broadcast (Video)
An Australian weatherman falls into a pool on accident while shooting a live segment.

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