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WATCH: Proposal Turned Wedding Takes Internet By Storm #ForeverDuncan
#ForeverDuncan Is The Love Story We Need To See Right Now

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Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Staged Robbery
Man pretends to get robbed as a fake police officer helps with a surprise proposal.

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Watch This Dude Shatter His Girlfriend’s Dreams With This Ice Cold Marriage Proposal Prank
a prankster tricks his girlfriend into thinking he is proposing to her.

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Outrage as police fake terrorist attack for bizarre wedding proposal to man's girlfriend
policeman drags girlfriend from car at gun-point, orders her to lean over bonnet, then drops down on one knee

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Selfish Idiot With Zero Regard For Other People Shuts Down I-45 Freeway In Houston To Propose To His Girlfriend
a guy selfishly stops traffic on a busy highway in uston in order to propose to his girlfriend.

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Man dresses up as fictional serial killer Michael Myers to pop the question to his terrified girlfriend
Guy proposes to his wife while after pranking her by dressing up as Michael Myers.

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Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend At Drive-Thru And She Is Not Having It (Video)
A guy proposes to his girlfriend in the drive-thru of a McDonald's and gets the rejection of a lifetime.

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This Guy Pulled Off The Smoothest Love and Basketball Proposal Of All Time
A one-on-one basketball game turns into a clever marriage proposal in this recently viral video.

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This Mom Face-Planted During Her Daughters Proposal And Stole The Show
A mother falls clumsily in the moments before her daughter receives a proposal for marriage.

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 Take a picture of me and the squad?

When Squad is life....
Take a picture of me and the squad?

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Reporter Freaks Out After Boyfriend Proposes To Her Live On The Air (Video)
A news reporter gets awkwardly excited when her boyfriend sneaks onto a news segment and proposes.

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Worst Marriage Proposal Ever Causes 3 Buildings To Be Evacuated After Crane Collapses
A crane falls into a Dutch house after a proposal goes wrong.

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Man Finds Wedding Ring Wife Was Missing For 15 Years, Proposes Again (Video)
Heart warming video of a man surprising his wife with the wedding ring she lost in the years past, with a sweet proposal.

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Men, Give Up Now: Youll Never Top This Elaborate Lip-Sync Proposal (Video)
Awesome lip-sync proposal video of man and 40 dancers performing to 'Geronimo' by Sheppard

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Man Travels Over 5,000 Miles To Propose To Long-Distance Girlfriend (Video)
Sweet proposal video in which a man travels over 5,000 miles to make happen.

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