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NYPD's Sick Grab Ends Mans Crazy Live Trump Tower Climb
A man is grabbed by NY police officers in an immaculate manner after trying to scale the Trump Tower.

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'Possessed' woman collapses and lets out Blood-Curdling screams in the supermarket as items fall from shelves as she walks past
woman begins randomly convulsing and screaming in a spping aisle in china leading people to believe she is possessed..

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Everyone's Roasting Johnny Depp And Amber Heard's Bizarre Apology Video
Twitter roasts the awkward, forced apology by Amber Heard and Johnny Depp to Australia for smuggling a dog.

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Justin Bieber Gets Choked Out By Post Malone After He Playfully Puts A Cigarette Out On The Rapper's Arm
justin bieber and post malone seem to have a strange spat leading to bieber getting cked out in a club by his tour mate.

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Vince Neil Fights With Nic Cage After Allegedly Attacking Woman
drunk celebrities vince neil and nic cage argue after nic allegedly attacks a woman.

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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Toddler Falls Out Of Moving Van Onto Busy Road In China
Dashcam video shows father drive off after his toddler falls out of a moving van.

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Stacey Dash Came On Stage At The Oscars And Made Things Really Awkward
Stacey Dash makes an odd appearance at the 88th Academy Awards with a message about 'Black History Month.'

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Little Girl Goes From Zero To Hysterical After Learning She’ll See Donald Trump And You’d Think Someone Died
Girl, 9, gets ecstatic when told she's going to Donald Trump rally.

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Cop Mistakes Mans Penis For Weapon During Search (Videos)
police officer mistakes man's for deadly weapon.

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Thief Caught On Security Camera Stuffing Live Python Down His Pants (Video)
A pet store thief stuffs a python into his jeans before making his escape.

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NOPE! This Deformed Mountain Lion Found With Teeth Growing From Its Forehead Has Experts Mystified
a deformed mountain lion found in ida puzzles scientists and wildlife officials alike.

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This Twerking Toy Penguin May Actually Give You Nightmares (Video)
toy penguin with exaggerated butt twerks while singing about christmas.

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Woman Gets Completely Naked In Restaurant And Covers Herself In Ketchup (Video)
a woman w caused a stir after a video of her stripping naked and pouring ketchup all over her body, is arrested.

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Shocking Video Shows Stool Falling Over On Its Own, Ghost Running By (Video)
a haunting cctv video sws a bar stool defying gravity before a small gst-like apparition sneaks by.

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Watch A Bus Casually Crash Into A Nashville Coffee Shop
This eerie security camera recording shows patrons of a Nashville coffee shop narrowly escaping the wrath of a rogue city bus.

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