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Here in this section we have compiled some of the funniest and the best weird videos and memes from all over the Internet. We have searched all over the Internet and have taken the best ones we could find, including the ones you guys have sent to us, and we have added them here. Once you open this page, you will come across things that may leave you scratching your head or what the hell did I just see because these videos are nothing from the norm.

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WATCH: Video Shows Chargers Security Guard Masturbating Near Cheerleaders
a security guard has been fired after a video emerged swing him masturbating on the field near cheerleaders

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Justin Timberlake Got Smacked In The Face At A Golf Tournament And Someone Managed To Capture It On Video
A Justin Timberlake fan is arrested for slapping the neck of the singer at a celebrity golf tournament.

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Everyone's Roasting Johnny Depp And Amber Heard's Bizarre Apology Video
Twitter roasts the awkward, forced apology by Amber Heard and Johnny Depp to Australia for smuggling a dog.

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These People Tried To Face Swap While Vaping And The Craziest Thing Happened
this srt clip sws two people face swapping while vaping, and w it produces some very weird results.

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Little Girl Goes From Zero To Hysterical After Learning She’ll See Donald Trump And You’d Think Someone Died
Girl, 9, gets ecstatic when told she's going to Donald Trump rally.

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Little Girls Performing A Song And Dance Routine In Support Of Donald Trump Will Frighten, Confuse And Terrify You
A recent Donald Trump rally features a creepy warm up act by a trio of little girls.

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Miley Cyrus Dons The Craziest Outfit We May Have Seen Her In Yet
miley cyrus lets it all hang out while wearing a and fake boobs on stage for her tour.

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This Twerking Toy Penguin May Actually Give You Nightmares (Video)
toy penguin with exaggerated butt twerks while singing about christmas.

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Don’t Ever Be This Guy Caught Jerking Off To A PlayStaytion 4 In Public
a pervert is caught in a mall masturbating onto a video game console.

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Watch An Elmo Toy Get "Tickled" By A Jet Engine
a youtuber blasts an elmo toy with a jet engine.

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After Watching Ray Lewis Freestyle About The Existence And Swag Of Man, You'll Be Weirded Out And Confused
ray lewis gives an awkward yet effective motivational speech.

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Guy wakes up to find a complete stranger in his bed
a very patient man records his confrontation with a stranger w somew found his way into his me.

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Texas Girl Sneezes Up To 12,000 Times A Day (Video)
A pre-teen girl from Texas has a condition that forces her to sneeze close to 12,000 times per day.

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wse kids are these?!

Bruh wtf is going on in this video..
wse kids are these?!

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Baby Monitor Captures Odd, Mysterious White Light Hovering Over Girl (Video)
A baby monitor allegedly catches a ghost flying over a baby's crib.

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