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Watch God Himself Strike One Of Mankinds Biggest Effigies, Toss A Lightning Bolt At The Empire State Building
Lightning strikes the Empire State Building in a stunning display.

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Moment bus driver saves suicidal woman from jumping off bridge caught on camera
A bus driver in east China is being hailed as a hero for saving a woman from committing suicide.

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Samurai Slices A 100 Mph Baseball in Half
A modern Japanese Samurai slices a 100-mph baseball in half.

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Think Fast: Biker Saves Girlfriend During Incredible Motorcycle Wipeout!
A bit of quick thinking by a biker helps to save the life of his girlfriend during a vicious crash.

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Man Manages To Safely Jump Out Of A Burning Car And Its Incredible (Video)
A daredevil jumps out of a burning car in an epic stunt.

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Watch The Terrifying Moment Lightning Strikes A Plane
Lightning strikes an airplane full of passengers before it is set to take off.

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Teens In Belgium Rescue Elderly Couple From Sinking Car After Crashing Into Lake (Video)
Two heroic teenagers rescue an elderly couple from drowning after crashing into a lake.

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Watch incredible footage of a Kansas tornado captured by a drone
Amazing footage shows powerful tornado from the air as it hits town in Kansas.

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Brave Beachgoers Rescue A Stranded Great White Shark In Cape Cod (Video)
A shark accidentally beaches while trying to catch a seagull and rescuers help to save its life.

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See a minor league baseball team's scoreboard get struck by lightning
Lightning strikes the scoreboard of the Pensacole Blue Wahoos, a minor league baseball team in Florida.

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A 10-Month-Old Baby Is Rescued After Drifting 2 Miles Away From Turkish Coast In Flotation Device
A baby in a child's inflatable is rescued by the Turkish Coast Guard after drifting a km away from the shore.

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The Impressive Way This Woman Counts Money Will Leave You Speechless (Video)
A woman showcases a money counting technique by hand that may very well rival a machine money counter.

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Pig Falls Through Ceiling Of Hong Kong Store (Video)
A Hong Kong shopping mall received an unusual visit when a wild boar wondered in and got trapped inside a clothing store.

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This Creepy Crawler Will Haunt Your Nightmares For The Rest Of Your Life
A recent viral video shows the uniqueness of a Marine Ribbon Worm in all of its glory.

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Kung Fu Master Takes A Drill To The Head And Proves Hes Invincible (Video)
a shaolin monk sws off his remarkable kung fu skills, and proves he may actually be unbreakable.

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