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Woman Takes Pics With Topless Tinder Date Moments Before She Dies Escaping Him
ptos emerged of a woman posing naked next to a man moments before she fell 14 stories off his balcony while on a tinder date.

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WATCH: CNN reporter slammed to the ground as Charlotte protest grows violent
As tension mounts between protesters and police in Charlotte, a CNN reporter is shoved to the ground during a live news segment.

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High school girl attacks her teacher with a stun gun
a student at mary g. montgomery high scol in mobile was arrested after using a stun gun on a teacher trying to break up a fight.

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People Are Pissed With This Dad Who Let His Daughter Bite The Warm, Quivering Heart Of A Deer
a hunter dad has his daughter bite a deer's heart, and it sparks outrage online.

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Cincinnati Zoo Deletes Social Media Accounts Under Barrage Of Harambe Memes
After a barrage of Harambe memes and attention related the the late gorilla, the Cincinnati Zoo deletes their social media.

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Kate Bolduan Of CNN Starts To Cry Detailing Story Of Bloodied Syrian Child Omran Daqneesh
a news ancr begins to cry after sharing the footage of a 5-year-old syrian boy sitting, and bloodied from an airstrike.

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Woman Live-Streams Boss Demanding Oral Sex If She Wants To Leave Early
woman secretly live-streams her boss demanding oral sex so that she can leave early.

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Mom Walking Baby In Stroller Has No Clue Couple Is Having Sex Next To Her
an outrageous couple has sex in a public park as an unsuspecting mom pushes her stroller nearby.

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Hero cop rescues shot mother and her children after father opens fire
heart-stopping moment hero cop rushes in to save the life of mother and her three young children after father opens fire.

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Russian and English Soccer Fans Throw Chairs, Tables And Bottles At Each Other (Video)
soccer fans scuffle, brawl, and riot after a tied match between russia and england.

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About 50 People Killed and 53 more injured In Shooting At Gay Nightclub In Florida
the gunman took stages at pulse nightclub in orlando before he was killed by police.

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Terrorist Attack In Israel Leaves Four Dead (Video)
palestinians are accused of opening fire in a cafe in tel aviv on innocent civilians.

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Social Experiment Involving Kidnapping Children In Broad Daylight Is Possibly The Most WTF Video Youll Ever Watch
bystanders in china seem to offer no help in this child abduction social experiment.

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Police sexually assault black couple during roadside cavity search (VIDEO)
a rrifying new dashcam video sws at least one white member of the aiken, s.c. police department search inside a mans rectum.

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Stripper performs at 8-year-olds birthday party
a florida mom hires stripper for her 8-year-old son's birthday party.

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