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It's A Miracle This Skier Is Alive After Falling 1,600 Feet Down The Face Of This Mountain
A skier takes a 1,600 foot tumble along the side of a mountain and survives.

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Watch two men in jetpacks chase a jumbo jet in the sky above Dubai
Two men on jetpacks keep up with a huge Emirates jet high in the sky above Dubai.

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Pilots Flying Straight Into Hurricane Patricia Will Blow Your Mind (Video)
Pilots decide to fly a plane into the eye of Hurricane Patricia.

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Man Amazingly Walks Away From Airborne, Multi-Rollover Nürburgring Crash
A driver has a terrifying crash on a public track in Germany, escapes unscathed.

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You’ve Definitely Never Seen Anything Like This Crazy Table Tennis Match
Footage of a recent Chinese Superleague table tennis math is absolutely amazing.

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Watch This Daredevil Nearly Fall To Death, Recover, And Set World Record For Longest Free Solo Slackline Walk
a professional daredevil walks a tight rope with no protection laying over 900 feet off of the ground.

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Scuba Diver Gives No F*cks, Leaves Cage To High Five Great White Shark (Video)
a scuba diver boldly gets a high five with one of the largest great white sharks ever to be caught on film.

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Man Finds Abandoned Baby Girl On His Way To Work, Plans To Adopt Her (Video)
A man finds a baby in the streets of Mexico, and decides to adopt after video of the incident goes viral.

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This Creepy Crawler Will Haunt Your Nightmares For The Rest Of Your Life
A recent viral video shows the uniqueness of a Marine Ribbon Worm in all of its glory.

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This 5-Year-Old Boy Is Definitely A Reincarnated Version Of Bruce Lee (Video)
A 5-year-old gives an amazing reenactment of a nunchuck scene from Bruce Lee's "Game Of Death".

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Russian soccer star walks away from horrifying car crash
a russian soccer player is involved in a terrifying car crash caught on tape.

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Firefighter Saves Suicidal Woman By Drop Kicking Her Back Through Window
a firefighter in brazil saves a woman contemplating suicide by kicking her back into a 10th story window.

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Buffalo Explodes A Car Tire While Trying To Escape A Lion Attack (Video)
a car in a safari trek has a car tire burst by a buffalo attempting to escape from a lion attack.

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Woman finishes third in the Austin Marathon after crawling across the finish line
A marathon runner crawls to the finish line when her body gives out from exhaustion.

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Heroic Guy Breaks Through Frozen River To Save A Dog Trapped In Ice (Video)
A dog owner rescues a stray dog that was somehow in the middle of a frozen river.

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