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The death of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro's brings joy and grief in Cuba and America
The death of Fidel Castro triggered both celebration and mourning as critics welcomed his passing while supporters grieved

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The Supermoon Is Lighting Up Cities Around The World And The Photos Are Unreal
17 jaw-dropping pictures of the supermoon

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Standing Rock Activist Captures The Moment Police Shoot Her In Intense Video

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A Dog Named Romeo Was Rescued From Debris 10 Days After Italys Earthquake
A golden retriever, had been trapped under rubble for 10 days, following the 6.2-magnitude earthquake that hit central Italy.

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Is he barking mad? The heart-stopping moment a speeding 4WD race car jumps over a dog on a dirt track
Incredibly lucky puppy dodges speeding rally car by mere inches.

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People Are Pissed With This Dad Who Let His Daughter Bite The Warm, Quivering Heart Of A Deer
a hunter dad has his daughter bite a deer's heart, and it sparks outrage online.

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Exchange Student From Ohio Sings in Perfect Korean Leaves Judges in Tears
An exchange student from the United States blows away a Korean crowd in a singing competition.

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Rare Pokemon Sparks Massive Stampede In Taiwan
Hundreds of Pokemon Go fans started running when the Snorlax monster appeared in the busy streets of Taipei, Taiwan.

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The Internet Reacts To Hilariously Gross Picture Of Usain Bolt Making Out With Random Chick At Rio Club
Usain Bolt is caught in an awkward make out session with a woman in a Rio club and the internet makes fun.

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Teen Slams Sexism After School Tells Her To Wear Longer Skirts And No Makeup
A student's response to being penalized in school for violating the school's dress code policy, goes viral.

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French Athlete Poops His Shorts and Collapses But STILL Finishes Rio Olympics Race Walk! Watch If You Can Stomach It!
an olympic athlete poops his pants during a race and continues to push on to finish.

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Michael Phelps Was In No Mood For The Local News’ Stupid Questions When He Landed Back In America
Michael Phelps gets super annoyed at local cameramen attempting to ask him silly questions when returning from the 2016 Olympics.

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The Internet Reacts To Ryan Lochte Fleeing Brazil While His Teammates Get Detained Over Robbery Investigation
Ryan Lochte is accused of fabricating a story about being robbed in Brazil during the Olympics.

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'Didn't you see it coming?' Heartless moment a reporter interviews a dying man live on TV after he was hit by a truck
scking moment reporter interviews a dying man live on tv.

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Rob Ford's Crack-Smoking Video Released... Trashes Trudeau
cellpne video sws former deceased toronto mayor rob ford smoking crack.

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