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A Dog Named Romeo Was Rescued From Debris 10 Days After Italys Earthquake
A golden retriever, had been trapped under rubble for 10 days, following the 6.2-magnitude earthquake that hit central Italy.

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Seal jumps in boat to escape from killer whale
A seal takes refuge in a boat to avoid a group of giant orca whales.

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Dude casually saves guy from sinking car on live TV
A quick thinking reporter saves a driver from rising TX floodwaters.

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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Crazy Video Of A Forest Breathing
A man from Canada captures an odd video of the Earth 'breathing' in a Canadian forest

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Daredevil Eludes Security To Free-Climb The Eiffel Tower And Its An Insane Video
a daredevil free-climber scales the eiffel tower successfully before getting arrested.

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Dash Cam Footage Shows Ohio Trooper Saving Dying Truck Driver's Life
A highway policeman saves the life of truck driver injured in a crash.

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Watch a Sky Ladder Made of Fireworks Reach to the Heavens
An pyrotechnic artist creates a "Stairway To Heaven" with an amazing display of fireworks.

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The Legendary Rugby War Goddess Broke Her Nose And Kept On Playing
A rugby player breaks her nose during a match and continues to play while suffering from the gruesome injury.

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'Don't Let People Bully You': 64-Year-Old Man Chases Armed Robbers Out Of Store (Video)
an elderly convenience store worker amazingly thwarts an armed robbery attempt.

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This Fashion Model Can Eat A Two Pound Burrito In Under Two Minutes
A petit fashion model destroys a two pound burrito in under two minutes.

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Low-Flying Plane Comes Within Feet Of Speedboat Fishermen
A group of fishermen in a speedboat narrowly avoid being hit by a low flying plane and capture the shocking moment on camera.

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Teen Solves Rubik’s Cube In Less Than 6 Seconds And Breaks Record (Video)
A teenager sets a world record for solving a Rubik's Cube in under 6 seconds.

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Swedish Police On Vacation Show NYPD How To Break Up A Subway Fight (Video)
a group of swedish police officers touring new york, are captured on camera compionately breaking up a fight on the subway.

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The Greatest Game Of Seesaw Is For Sure When Two Gymnasts Play On It
Two gymnasts are captured playing a jaw dropping game of "Seesaw."

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Video Captures Explosion After Kids Drop Firecracker Down Manhole (Video)
a major explosion is captured on camera after curious kids place a fire inside of a manle to see what may happen.

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