Your Nose Is So Big Jokes

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His nose was so big he could smoke a cigar in the shower!

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It would be just wonderful to wake up and smell all the coffee you smell Brazil.

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What is black, has big teeth,big lips,and a big nose.

It can be found on plantations

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When you want to smell flowers you need someone to stand a mile away holding them up for your nose to be able to sniff them.

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Her nose is so big she inhales with an echo!

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Your nose is so big you can smell a fart before it comes out!

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Your nose is so big, you need a neck brace to support it

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Your nose is so big, if you inhale, you could suffocate everyone.

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Bird watching should be your hobby

The fact you have something so long on your face for them to perch on.

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It would take a helicopter to cut all of the hair down in your big ass nose,

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