24 Pictures Of Shaq Making Things Look Tiny

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24 Pictures Of Shaq Making Things Look Tiny
by Averi Clements
Source: news.distractify.com
Shaq is one of the most kind-hearted, loveable athletes. He is also a gargantuan 7'1". and ever since this post on Reddit, it's become a trend just to see him hold various objects.

1. A 12-oz soda can

What is this? A beverage for ants?

2. The Sprint logo

The logo narrowly avoided a trip to the hospital.

3. A leash connected to a tiger

They do this awesome trick where the tiger puts its head in Shaq's mouth.

4. His own face

It's hard to tell if his head or his hands are more overwhelmed.

5. A microphone

Hope he doesn't mistake it for a lollypop.

6. The Hollywood sign

Photograph to scale.

7. A sea lion

He's laughing because Shaq mistook him for a lowly seal.

8. A gun

For those times when being a massive professional athlete isn't enough to make you feel safe.

9. A panda cub

We aren't sure which one we're more jealous of.

10. A young boy

Safety precautions for this involved a waiver and a parachute.

11. A young girl

At least, he thought it was a girl. But then he saw her face. Now he's a Belieber.

12. A bottle of Gold Bond

That's enough to cover both his toes.

13. A book

We don't know whether we should be terrified or turned on...

14. Spaghetti

That should tide him over for a few minutes.

15. A conductor's baton

It later made a fine toothpick.

16. Lebron James

Lebron is 6'8". Isn't that adorable?

17. A ham

It made a great snack.

18. A pinata

The real Charles Barkley would be well-advised to get a restraining order.

19. A mouse lemur

He snuck it through airport security in his left nostril.

20. A Shrek mug

Shrek has a Shaq mug, too, but can't finish the whole drink in one sitting.

21. A picture of himself holding another player holding a basketball

This guy dominates in everything he does.

22. A Best Buy employee

She suffered a concussion after hitting her head on the ceiling.

23. A basketball

Good luck knocking that out of his hands.

24. A Shaq-sized soda can

Finally, something to last him more than three sips.

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