Cats Do Not Enjoy Being Walked As If They're Dogs (Video)

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Cats Do Not Enjoy Being Walked As If They're Dogs (Video)
by Connor Toole

If the animal kingdom were real life, a cat would be the guy at the bar who acts like an assh*le but somehow manages to leave with two girls on his arm at the end of the night.

Despite felines not having many redeeming qualities, people still find a way to fall in love.

If you try to take a dog for a walk, there's a pretty good chance you're going to be met with the most genuine fit of excitement you'll ever experience as a human being.

At the risk of generalizing all cats, they don't seem to share the same enthusiasm.

Take Simon, for example. Simon is not a fan of walks, and he makes it very clear by refusing to use his legs.

In my opinion, Simon should talk to a paralyzed cat, so he can realize how good he has it and gain a newfound appreciation for life.

There's always time to change.

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