Crazy Videos Of Death

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WATCH: Elderly Man Shot and Killed in Cleveland on Facebook Live [GRAPHIC]
cleveland police hunting gunman w randomly st and killed an elderly man live on facebook

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Russian ambassador to Turkey assassinated by police officer 'in revenge for Aleppo'
russian ambador to turkey is inated during a speech on live tv! (warning graphic)

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FACTORY TRAGEDY: Horrific moment factory worker is crushed to death after she slipped and fell under forklift
woman tries to pull forklift back down as it tips over in accident inside wareuse in eastern chinese city of taizu

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El Chapo's Judge Was Just Gunned Down While Jogging in Broad Daylight
judge presiding over el chapo case st and killed in mexico caught on tape

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Chicago officials release bodycam footage of cops handcuffing unarmed teen and 'Leaving him to die' after shooting him in the back - but crucial video of the killing is suspiciously missing
Chicago police have released controversial footage showing the shooting of 18-year-old Paul ONeal.

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Chinese Driver Drags Dog To Its Death (Video)
inhumane driver drags dog to its death on road in china.

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Schoolgirl, seven, dies in shocking freak accident after an elephant hurls a ROCK at her head while she was having her picture taken
scolgirl killed by elephant after it threw a rock while she posed for picture at a zoo.

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Crazed Man Purposely Sets Patient On Fire Inside Hospital - Kills 3
three people died after a man set a fire inside a spital ward in tirana, albania, on june 25.

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Shocking Video Captures The Terrifying Moment A Woman Is Mauled By A Tiger
a tiger attacks and kills a woman at a safari park in china.

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Excessive? Fresno Police Release Controversial Body Cam Video Of Dylan Noble Shooting
police in fresno have released video which sws the graphic soting of dylan noble.

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Video surfaces of NYPD cop's Road-Rage shooting
newly released surveillance cam video of the soting of delrawn small by off-duty nypd officer wayne isaacs.

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Horrifying moment father is shot dead in front of his children while live streaming on Facebook
antonio perkins was struck by two bullets, one in the head and one in the neck, while out with his children and some friends.

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Terrorist Attack In Israel Leaves Four Dead (Video)
palestinians are accused of opening fire in a cafe in tel aviv on innocent civilians.

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[Video] Shocking CCTV Footage Emerge Of A Teen Electrocuted To Death In Internet Cafe
a teenage factory worker is killed in a freak accident as he attempted to unplug his pne from a computer.

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Horrifying Video from Costa Rica: Sinking 100-Foot Catamaran Claims 3 Lives
The terrifying moment a Costa Rica tour cruise catamaran capsized and sank.

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