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Jealous Girlfriend Plows Over Stripper Then Drags Boyfriend Away From Sexy Lap Dance
a girlfriend throws down a stripper and pulls her boyfriend off of a strip club stage before he gets a lap dance.

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The Internet Reacts To Video Of Man Having Sex With A McChicken Sandwich
twitter explodes after a man releases a video having sex with a mcchicken on the social network.

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Watch A Diaper-Wearing Monkey Attack A Walmart Employee In A Parking Lot Because, Hell, Why Wouldnt You?
A frightened monkey wearing a diaper freaks out on a Walmart employee.

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Heartthrob Teacher Strikes A Funny Pose After Jumping Out Of The Classroom Window
In the middle of a speech to his students, this teacher showed off his style by getting a little too energetic.

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Guy Snapchats Savage Employee Quitting Job By Flashing Her Bare Butt In Public
a woman moons her former employer while quitting her job and telling them that she has a new job.

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Watch The US Men's Basketball Team Except For No-Fun Carmelo Anthony Sing Along To Vanessa Carlton Lyrics On The Way To The Olympics!
The Team USA basketball team sings along to the song "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton, while Carmelo Anthony disapproves.

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People Can’t Get Enough Of This Mom Using A Lemon To Give The Sex Talk
a mom gives a hilarious;y graphic sex talk to her children using a lemon and knife.

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Magician Performs Crazy Lemon Through Bottle Magic Trick at Fast Food Drive-Thrus
Famous Youtube magician Rahat, blows the mind of fast food employees with a closed water bottle and lemon trick.

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Teen Posts Epic Snap Story Of Brother Running Away From Home Over Pokémon Go
A sibling records her ten year old brother running away from home because their mother deleted Pokmon Go from her phone.

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This Baby Bro Copying Rocky Balboa's EVERY SINGLE Training Move Is Freaking Awesome
A two-year-old perfectly mimics Sylvester Stallone's famous Rocky II training scene.

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MMA Fighter Busts Out Disrespectful Pokemon Go Inspired Celebration After Knocking Out Opponent
mma fighter michael page celebrates knockout with pokemon go move at london's bellator 158.

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Dude Creates YouTube Tutorial Using His Cheating Wife [VIDEO]
a guy gives a video tutorial on youtube using his wife cheating on him as the subject material.

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WATCH: Matt Damon Pranks Unsuspecting People Jason Bourne-Style
Matt Damon goes full Jason Bourne to prank unsuspecting strangers with missions.

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Staredown Kid Gazes into the Heart of Darkness in an ESPN Camera
Kid trolls ESPN broadcast during a recent MLB game with an epic staredown.

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Samuel L. Jackson Gets Busted Checking Out A Girl’s Booty At The BET Awards
Actor Samuel L. Jackson is caught taking a peek at the butt of one of Beyonce's dancers during the BET Awards 2016.

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