Funny Tv Bloopers

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News Reporter Caught On Camera Asking Co-Anchor What She Thinks About Boners
news ancr makes awkward slip on live tv news blooper.

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Kansas City Royals Santa Drops F-Bomb On Live TV–Obviously Too Drunk To Drive Sleigh Home
a drunk costumed santa accidentally says the f-word while being interviewed on live television.

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ESPN's Michael Smith swore on live television and his reaction was priceless
espn st michael smith accidentally says a curse word and has a funny reaction to doing so.

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Texas News Anchor Caught Texting During Broadcast (Video)
A news anchor is caught on camera texting during a live newscast.

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This Guy Is Hysterically Bad At Jumping Rails - Falls During A Live News Report (Video)
A man fails at jumping over a rail while a reporter is shooting a live news segment.

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Girl Actually Pees Herself While Being Interviewed Live On Television
A young lady accidentally urinates on herself while being interviewed by a news reporter on live television.

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Weatherman Realizes There’s Still A Hanger In His Suit Jacket On Air (Video)
A meteorologist leaves a hanger in his suit and only discovers it after he is on live television.

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'Wheel of Fortune' contestant comes THIS close to getting seven dwarfs puzzle right
A contestant on the game show 'Wheel Of Fortune' loses when she can't correctly name the 7 dwarfs in 'Snow White.'

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A man was caught walking into 50 Shades of Grey alone on TV news and his reaction was wonderful
A man tries to hide from live TV cameras after walking into the movie "50 Shades Of Grey" alone.

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Weatherman Totally Bros Out On Live TV Over Thundersnow
A weatherman hilariously freaks out on live television after a massive snowstorm hits.

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Bear Grylls just smashed through a Morning Show window live on TV
World renowned television personality Bear Grylls, makes a dramatic entrance on a live morning show.

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Theres Nothing Better Than News Teams Failing Miserably During Blizzards (Video)
a compilation of funny bloopers from newscasters worldwide, while facing severe winter storms.

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Price Is Right Announcer Tries To Run Backward On Treadmill, Eats It
An announcer on a popular television game show takes a tumble while on a treadmill.

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Oscar nominations 2015: Relive that hilariously awkward ‘D*ck Poop’ moment
the president of the academy awards, makes a very hilarious gaffe while announcing a nominee.

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Hilarious NBC graphic penalizes Ravens 36 miles for block in the back
A graphic during a NFL game gets a penalty call hilariously wrong.

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