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obama thug life compilation - state of the union.

Obama Thug Life Compilation
obama thug life compilation - state of the union.

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Dad Uses His Adorable Baby For A New Take On A Christmas Jingle (Video)
A father enlists the help of his 6 month old baby to get in the Christmas spirit by collaborating on a well known Christmas Carol.

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Woman Pulls Off The Most Mind-Blowing Move In Jenga History (Video)
A woman makes an incredible move while playing a game of Jenga.

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This Is The Perfect Device For Anyone Dealing With Racist Cops (Video)
a funny spoof infomercial advertises a device made to deter racist cops from soting black people.

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'Millionaire Contestant Picks the worst-First round answer possible (Video)
A contestant on the 'Millionaire' game show in Australia, bombs on her performance by missing the first question.

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Mistletoe Contraption Snags Guy Dozens of Kisses from Strangers (VIDEO)
A prankster creates a mistletoe contraption in the hopes of stealing kisses and holiday cheer from random passersby.

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Dude Talking Mad Gibberish While Trying To Describe A Shooting Situation On Live TV!
a witness speaks in an incoherent babble, after almost being hit by bullets in a street soting.

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This Guy Tries To Take Selfies With Girls But The Camera Isn't Targeting Their Faces (NSFW)
a prankster picks up women by randomly walking up to women, and asking to take selfies with their boobs.

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queen of ice elsa is back to record the "cool" soundtrack for frozen 2! finally! it's been like 4 urs since you saw the first one!

Elsa Sings FROZEN 2!
queen of ice elsa is back to record the "cool" soundtrack for frozen 2! finally! it's been like 4 urs since you saw the first one!

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Guy Gets Stuck In Elevator With Insane Man And Records His Experience (Video)
a man records a hilarious encounter with a crazy person, while stuck in an elevator.

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Roastking56: 174632
Roastking56: Roast
(NSFW) Dudes Have A Roasting Session With An Old Man On The Subway
video of an older man being roasted on a train by two younger men.

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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Honest Trailer: 'Because F*** You, We're Marvel, That's Why!'
a trailer spoof of the movie 'guardians of the galaxy,' hilariously sws what the blockbuster movie is really about

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Pranked Girlfriend Gets Revenge With The Pepper Sprayed Toilet Paper Prank (Ouch!)
the girlfriend of a prankster, gets revenge on her boyfriend by spraying his toilet paper with pepper spray.

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Kid Tries To Push Girl In The Water, Learns A Valuable Lesson About Strength (Video)
A guy fails spectacularly at trying to push a girl in a small body of water.

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Killing My Own Kid Might Very Well Be The Most Twisted Prank Ever!
A prankster makes his girlfriend believe he accidentally threw their child over a balcony.

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