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You will find the most hilarious kid riddles here in this section. Riddles like, ‘what do computers eat when they get hungry’, ‘what's a frogs favorite flower’ and ‘why was the boy sitting on his watch’ – these are just a few of the humorous family friendly riddles you will find here.

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Where do mummies go for a swim?

 To the dead sea!
Where do mummies go for a swim?

To the dead sea!

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Where is the largest diamond in New York City kept?

In Yankee Stadium.

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Q: Did you hear the one about the redwood?

A: It's tere-mendous!

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What do computers eat when they get hungry?


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What did the slug say as he slipped down the wall? How slime flies!

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Q. What do you call a grave digger?

A. Doug.

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If they made a movie starring the Loch Ness monster and the great white shark from Jaws, what would the movie be called?

Loch Jaws.

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What do you call a rabbit that plays with foxes?

A dumb bunny.

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Q: What trees do ghouls like best?

A: Cemetrees!

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Q: Where do ghost trains stop?

A: At devil crossings.

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Q: What did one frog say to the other?

A: Times sure fun when youre having flies!

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Q: What is a frogs favorite time?

A: A Leap year!

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Q: How did the witchs pet frog die?

A: He simply croaked!

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Q: Whats a frogs favorite flower?

A: A croakus!

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What has four legs and flies?

A pig.

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