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Daughter livestreams her parents on a heroin binge after she returns home to find them wasted in front of the TV
a young woman captures the disturbing moment she finds her parents high on e, and shares it in an online live stream.

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Giant Snake Goes Savage On Man's Face While He Was Trying To Eat A Tarantula
A rainforest activist gets attacked by python while trying to eat a live tarantula!

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Student collapses after pals play deadly new 'choking game' on him in school corridor
students around the world are participating in a deadly game, where kids are being pushed in the chest, until they can't breathe.

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9/11 Dorm Room Video Goes Viral 15 Years Later
nyu student, caroline driers', live footage of the september 11th attacks goes viral 15 years after the towers fell.

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Subway Riders Live-Tweet Chaos After Woman Lets Bugs Loose On Crowded Train
a woman throws a crazy fit on the subway and releases a large number of live crickets while doing so.

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BREAKING VIDEO: Protester Run Over By Car, Shots Fired as Protesters Mark Two Year Anniversary of Mike Brown Death in Ferguson, MO
a protester was run over in ferguson on tuesday during a demonstration marking the second anniversary of michael brown's death.

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Crowd Turns Violent In Milwaukee After Police Shoot Armed Man
a rowdy crowd goes wild in milwaukee, after police kill an armed suspect.

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French gymnast breaks his leg in horrific snap which echoed around the arena before he is stretchered off to a standing ovation
the bone-crunching moment a french gymnast breaks his leg in rror fall.

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Schoolgirl, seven, dies in shocking freak accident after an elephant hurls a ROCK at her head while she was having her picture taken
scolgirl killed by elephant after it threw a rock while she posed for picture at a zoo.

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Excessive? Fresno Police Release Controversial Body Cam Video Of Dylan Noble Shooting
police in fresno have released video which sws the graphic soting of dylan noble.

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Insane Video Shows Man Shoving The Most Disturbing Thing Down A Woman's Pants
a man sves his feces down a random perby's pants in a disgusting moment on the streets of nyc.

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Video Showing Bank Workers Being Spanked Goes Viral in China
a bank president in china spanks men and women employees with a wooden rod for underperforming.

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Watch the Harrowing Snapchat Video a Victim Purportedly Posted During Deadly Orlando Shooting
Crazy video shows gunfire heard in the background at Pulse Nightclub in a victim's last moments.

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Video Shows Tourists Horrified By SeaWorld Killer Whale’s Apparent Suicide Attempt
Captive Orca whale behaves strangely and tries to commit suicide.

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'Possessed' woman collapses and lets out Blood-Curdling screams in the supermarket as items fall from shelves as she walks past
woman begins randomly convulsing and screaming in a spping aisle in china leading people to believe she is possessed..

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