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LeBron surprised family that won his new game show by hand-delivering their $1.3 million in cash
LeBron James surprises Akron couple with $1.3 million winnings from 'The Wall'

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People Are Furious About This Teacher Grabbing an Autistic Students Mic During Performance
Teacher Snatches Mic From An Autistic Boy Leaving Him In Tears!

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Middle Schoolers Chant Build The Wall In Disturbing Video After Trump Wins
An alarming video was shared showing a group of middle school students chanting "build the wall" in their cafeteria.

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A Miracle Just Happened On The Price Is Right, Contestants Beat 1 in 8,000 Odds During A LIT Showcase Showdown
Contestants on The Price is Right make history with three-way tie

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This Is Being Called The Craziest Great White Shark Encounter Ever Filmed So Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown
Horrifying video shows great white shark break into steel cage with diver inside

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Shailene Woodley Live-Streams Getting Arrested: Its Because Im Well-Known
Actress Shailene Woodley Arrested for Criminal Trespassing While Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline

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Instead Of Taking Man To Jail For Outstanding Warrant, Cop Drives Him 100 Miles To Be With Grieving Family
Ohio Police Offered To Drive Grieving Man 100 Miles To Be With Family After Sister's Death

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9/11 Dorm Room Video Goes Viral 15 Years Later
nyu student, caroline driers', live footage of the september 11th attacks goes viral 15 years after the towers fell.

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gansta news reporter: reporter:and
Chilling moment passer-by flashes a gun in a reporters face during a live Serbian television broadcast
man flashes gun on live tv during a weather report in serbia.

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Teacher Gets Shot Down Hitting On Another Teacher In Class, Student Puts It On Snapchat
A student uses Snapchat to allege that her teacher gets shut down in an attempt to hit on his co-worker.

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French Soccer Fans Give Stunning Display Of Unity After Deadly Paris Attacks
French soccer fans show a touching display of unity when being forced to leave the soccer stadium after horrific terrorist attacks

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Guy Texts His Ex-Girlfriend Except Her New Boyfriend Responds, Guy Replies With WORST INFORMATION Imaginable
a girl's new boyfriend finds out that she may be hiv positive, via a text message from her former lover..

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Caught on Camera: Woman Hangs From Passenger Side of Car Along Delaware Road
A Delaware woman is dragged from a moving car after an argument.

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9-Year-Old Girl Absolutely Crushes The Lyrics To Every Rap Song (Video)
nine-year-old car karaoke star savannah phan becomes a viral sensation because of her rapping antics.

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Pilots Flying Straight Into Hurricane Patricia Will Blow Your Mind (Video)
Pilots decide to fly a plane into the eye of Hurricane Patricia.

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