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Hillary Clinton Supporters Completely Agree With Donald Trump In Jimmy Kimmel DNC Prank
Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" gets Clinton supporters to agree with Donald Trump quotes.

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Jimmy Kimmel convinces people to confess their biggest lie to their mom, for Mother's Day
Passersby answer hilariously when asked what lies they have told their moms, in front of their Moms.

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Please Watch This Middle School Chick Fall Victim To The Biggest Track And Field Fail In Recorded History
A girl falls on her face at the start of a middle school track race.

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Watch Jennifer Lopez's Pants Rip To The Butt Cheek While Giving A Bow After A Show :)
jennifer lopez accidentally splits her pants during a live performance in vegas.

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This Woman Had The Most Painful Walk Of Shame Ever Through Storm Jonas
A woman is spotted in a pants-less walk of shame during Winter Storm Jonas.

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The Price Is Right Model Takes a Tumble and Accidentally Smashes Stage Light: Watch the Video
A game show model falls during a filming of the show and breaks a stage light.

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Did Mike Ditka Rip a Thunderous Fart on Cris Carter on 'Monday Night Countdown'?
American football commentator Mike Ditka allegedly lets off a fart while broadcasting live.

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Groom Tricks His Bride At Wedding When The Waiters Destroy The Cake (Video)
Arguing waiters drop wedding cake in front of horrified bride.

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Guy With A Horrible Fear of Heights Completely LOSES IT On A 4,700 Foot High Glass Walkway
A guy with an extreme fear of heights freaks out while on the side of a cliff 4,700ft above sea level in China.

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Student Hilariously Records Professors Identical Entrance Every Day (Video)
A student compiles the hilarious footage of his professor's habitual class entrance routine.

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Kanye West’s VMAs Speech Set To ‘Seinfeld’ Theme Deserves An Award For Awesomeness
kanye's epic rant from the 2015 vmas is transformed into internet gold with the addition of 'seinfield' theme music.

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Guy Casually Breaks Down Into Splits Throughout All Of New York City (Video)
A Vine star pranks unsuspecting strangers by busting out into full splits in the streets of NYC.

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News team loses it over oddly-shaped weather graphic on live TV
oddly shaped weather map sends wgn morning news into fits of laughter.

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Hungry Humanoid Robot Driving a Car Puzzles Unsuspecting Drive-Thru Employees
A prankster makes a human-like robot look as if it is driving a car, and scares the crap out of drive-thru workers.

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Guys Are Told Their GFs Are Cheating, And The Reactions Are Priceless (Video)
prankster finds guys on instagram and then finds them in public to tell the strangers he is sleeping with their girlfriends.

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